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Ron Beilin
Ron Beilin is President of Opportunity Inc. He has over 30 years experience in finance, strategic planning, organizational development, sales, and management. His areas of specialization are in: finance, management development, mergers and acquisitions, sales, and strategic planning.

Ron has consulted with hundreds of companies in most industries over the past thirteen years. Prior to his consulting career, he was the Chief Executive Officer for companies ranging from start-up to $100 million in sales, and held functional unit head positions with a Fortune 100 company. Specifically, he served as Manager of Manufacturing for Bristol Myers, President of the Charles Batchelder Co., President of the Bostford Chemical Co., President of CFO, Inc., Vice President and Partner of Results Marketing, and President of Beach Investment Group, Inc.

Through his 30 years of business experience, Ron has been able to guide small businesses through various phases of growth. He has assisted in developing working strategic plans, hiring and developing a management team, driving profitability, creating processes, coaching CEOs, developing culture, and motivating organizations. Ron also assists owners in their merger and acquisition programs or in selling their businesses. Ron believes that results are the most important outcome of any assignment. He consistently achieves this with a common-sense approach to planning, goal setting and problem solving. Ron has been appropriately labeled a 'CEO's alter ego' by many of his clients because of his range and depth of practical business knowledge, good judgment, insatiable drive for results, and desire to get things done.
Gerri Knilans
Gerri Knilans is president of Trade Press Services, a specialized marketing communications and media relations firm. As professional business-to-business writers, Trade Press Services develops content for client-authored articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, books, newsletters, technical and user manuals, grant proposals and news releases. The company also arranges for publication of clients' content in appropriate media outlets. Through the use of these services, companies can better engage with their customers and prospects in a consistent, strategic and compelling way that leads to accelerated business growth and increased visibility, credibility and name recognition in their marketplaces. Since 1995, Trade Press Services has written over 1,000 projects for clients that have been published in more than 600 business magazines, newspapers and journals. Clients have included nationally recognized companies such as 3M and Capital One as well as small entrepreneurial firms. Through Gerri's leadership, Trade Press Services created and uses a performance-based business model, which has resulted in a 100 percent success rate in getting clients published in the magazines they target.

Gerri is a successful entrepreneur, sales and marketing consultant, author and educator whose career spans more than thirty-five years. Gerri holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She recognizes the value of a formal education combined with practical, real world business experience. Her expertise is getting the job done... on time. Gerri is a competent planner, detail-oriented organizer and a proactive doer who has a strong commitment to high professional standards that meet and exceed clients' expectations.

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