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Take a moment to fill out the opportunity assessment form. For each question that you answer "No" or "Somewhat", you are either vulnerable, or have significant untapped opportunities. Note what the hard and soft benefits would be. The choice is yours! Opportunity Maximizers can assist your company in harvesting all of your untapped opportunities! There is a link to download a PDF of the Business Generation Opportunity Assessment at the bottom of the page.

Business Generation Opportunity Assessment Yes No Somewhat Benefits if addressed
Have you found and harvested all of the untapped and unleveraged opportunities in your chosen markets?
Do you have strong positive relationships with the ultimate decision makers in all of your moderate and major accounts?
Do you have a compelling vision that is communicated to your entire team, understood by them, believed by them, and expressed in their daily behaviors?
Do you have a business plan that is well written, communicated to your team, followed by your team and stays valid after the ink is dry and yields the desired results?
If your clients and prospects made an informed decision about your products/services, would they choose you over your competitors?
Do you have and does your team effectively communicate your competitive differentiation?
Are you satisfied with your current sales process, strategies and the results they yield?
Do you know where to spend your next dollar, hour and training to get the greatest return for you and your organization?
Do your initiatives typically maintain focus, movement and motivation over time and yield the results you initially expected?
Are your training programs and initiatives linked to immediate execution and measureable results?
Does your organization currently enjoy excellent interdepartmental communication and teamwork?
Is your team working as hard, smart and effectively as you believe they can?
Is there high morale and motivation in your team?
Does your sales team effectively handle the initial "NO's" or rejection in their sales process?
Have you established standards for what a "10" presentation about your company, products and services should be?
Do you have a living lab and idea clearing house that captures, codifies, modifies and communicates best practices throughout the organization?

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