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All of Marty's work is customized and aimed at achieving his customers desired outcomes. He offers profound actionable strategies, tactics and execution techniques that can be immediately applied, and yield significant increases in sales, profits, and organizational competitiveness.

Professional Speaking:
Results and action oriented keynote addresses for meetings ranging from small executive retreats to major conferences with thousands of attendees representing all types and sizes of organizations and industries. Marty will customize his speaking engagements to address the organizer's specific desired outcomes. Each attendee will leave informed, and highly motivated to apply the presented tools and concepts that will improve their personal and business endeavors. Click here to view a sample of Marty speaking.

Sample Speech Titles:

"How to Capture and Replicate the Intuition of Top Performers"
"How to Turn your Entire Organization into a Lean, Mean, Business Generating Machine"
"How to Make the Best Better"
"Channel Empowerment-From Chaos to Control"
"How to Gain and Maintain a Competitive Advantage"
"A Process Approach to Business and Personal Success"
"Opportunity Maximization: Why top performers always walk away with more"

Innovative Workshops and Seminars:
Provocative, interactive and experiential workshops and seminars on a wide breadth and depth of business, management, marketing and sales issues. Marty customizes your workshops & seminars to address your specific desired outcomes.

Typical content and insights:
  • A profound and conscious awareness of how much untapped and unleveraged opportunity awaits all of us all of the time
  • A universal planning and communication methodology that will allow the user to harvest more opportunity from every activity
  • A management game that will teach teams the essence of how to initiate and sustain a culture and process of continuous analysis and improvement
  • Different perspectives on how to enhance an organization’s business generation data to point out where you are now, why and what to do next.
  • A process approach to show where you should spend your next dollar, hour and/or training to get the greatest return for you and your organization
  • A different way to organize your training to gain a higher ROI and more absorption and application of new strategies, tactics and execution techniques
  • An explanation of why traditional sales strategies fail and offer a new strategy that will lower the cost of sales, reduce the sales cycle lead time and increase the probability of making a sale
  • An approach to seduce prospects to come to you because of the power and implications of your products, services and/or technologies in helping them achieve their objectives better than all of their other alternatives

Training Sessions:
Business generation, marketing and sales training sessions for individuals, teams and entire sales forces. These customized sessions offer unique content, powerful delivery and are linked to immediate execution, insight, refinement and re-execution. This process approach yields you a much higher and sustainable return on your training investment than traditional approaches.

Typical training topics:
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Sales: Prospecting, Needs Identification, Benefit Quantification, Account Strategy Development, Strategy Execution Techniques, Proposal Development, Presentation Techniques, Objection Handling and Negotiations, Closing, Leveraging Business, Time Management, Creating and Communicating Competitive Differentiation
  • How to use Process as a basis for continuous analysis and improvement.

Marty brings many years of successful experience and insight to his consulting. He has successfully worked and excelled in many industries from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Marty uses a process approach for assessing and growing organizations, but adds a very strong dose of experience and creativity to his consultative offerings. Marty's approach allows him to quickly identify the organization's and/or department's true bottlenecks. In essence, he focuses his time and energy on what counts most in enhancing the competitive positioning of your organization.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation:
Marty is truly a change agent. He has a strong ability to have attendees look at themselves, their business and the world from a very different perspective. He then offers the attendee’s non-threatening approaches allowing them to ascend to their next level of personal and business growth. During Marty's facilitations, he makes the attendees aware of their self-limiting belief and planning systems and makes them aware of their current comfort zone beyond which there is a huge opportunity zone. He then creates a positive atmosphere and challenge for the attendees to convert their comfort zones into inviting and enriching opportunity zones.

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