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"This will in fact be the fifth consecutive year that we have invited you to be a principal speaker at our flagship "Growing the Company" conference, and I have no doubt that you will once again achieve the highest ratings and attract the largest audiences. And of course, your articles in the magazine have always been very well received, and your Inc. audio tape series continues to be among our best sellers."

William C. Taylor
Inc. Magazine
"It is my belief that Marty's vast experience and expertise place him in the company of a very select group of practicing theoreticians and trainers whose innovative thinking and creative solutions are helping to transform American business. Because of this, we at Sales & Marketing Management would like to lend our unqualified support to any and all projects he may be involved with, particularly in the area of publishing, since we feel that any efforts to carry Mr. Jacknis' work to a wider audience will ultimately enhance the level of quality and professionalism in our industry."

Richard P. Kern
Sales & Marketing Management Magazine
"Thank you so much for your counsel, your coaching, your teaching, presenting and your collaborative work with our people. It makes a difference to work with consultants who are capable, energetic, positive and results-oriented."

Kris Michaelis
Manager Training and Development
General Electric Company
"I've had the pleasure of working with Marty and his firm for the past year. Since he's been working with us, we've enjoyed record sales as well as new focus, energy, excitement and activity from our team. We've enjoyed his services as an executive coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant. The administrative support he's offered through Lindsey has brought our communications, follow-up and productivity to a new level.

He's been responsive and proactive to our needs and opportunities and served me as an excellent coach and accountability partner. We enjoy and value his creativity and the way he frames and communicates ideas and issues. I would highly recommend Marty and Opportunity Maximizers to any and all professionals that want to gain and maintain a competitive advantage."

Brett Lindquist
The Mortgage Firm
"His presentation, experiential exercises and content were excellent, as a matter of fact it was the first time a speaker for my group earned perfect scores of '5's on both of the key metrics of content and delivery. He also left my group with more actionable take-a-way ideas than any other speaker. I have also had great feedback on the follow-on work he did for some of my members. Thank you for providing such resources."

Bill LaRosa
CEO Group Chair, Vistage International
CEO, GWLaRosa & Associates LLC
"I don't think there is any question that your program was able to 'unlock' abilities which many of our people didn't realize they had and more importantly, it showed them how to effectively use these abilities to create future success."

Richard J.M. Simon
Assistant Vice President
Provident Mutual

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