Highly successful business experience with critical thinking, planning, introspection and creativity

While there are many coaches and consultants from which to choose, Marty Jacknis stands out because he combines high-level energy and enthusiasm with creativity and experience to produce very successful business outcomes.

With a proven track record in many industries from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Marty’s approach enables him to quickly identify the organization’s or department’s significant issues, opportunities and bottlenecks. He goes for the jugular. He focuses on what counts most to develop the environment and skills required to produce an internal cohesiveness and external competitive edge in the marketplace.

Marty is truly a change agent. He has a strong ability to encourage others to look at themselves, their business and the world from very different perspectives. He offers them non-threatening approaches to assist them to ascend to their next level of personal and business growth. Within the context of the coaching and consulting relationship, he helps executives look at how their self-limiting beliefs and planning systems limit their progress and keep them in their comfort zones and not open to taking advantage of the many business opportunities that exist.

While coaching and consulting, Marty educates his clients on not only what to do and how, but more importantly the why behind his suggestions. He designs his engagements wherever and whenever possible to make them self-funding for his clients.

Marty assists clients in seeing their world and situations through very different lenses, filters and perspectives so they can make more timely, objective and informed decisions.

Typically, consulting engagements focus on a significant issue or opportunity that a company or business organization seeks to address in a timely and meaningful way. Marty’s approach includes a structured interview, discovery process, and group ideation sessions with relevant team members, as well as industry or marketplace research that lead to on-target recommendations and implementation.

On the other hand, executive coaching involves one-to-one relationships to develop more effective leadership skills. Assignments cover a much wider range of topics and are longer term in nature. During coaching, meaningful and significant dialogue and knowledge transfer takes place. Similar to being an executive’s alter ego, Marty helps individuals grow and change in order to ready them to implement growth and operational strategies and tactics. He provides them with effective tools and techniques that produce the meaningful changes they seek.


“Marty brought a concept to us that, as an organization, we had never done before. He videotaped our people selling our premium product. It was the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen. Supposed professionals were miserable and they couldn’t stand it. That’s self-analysis. When they looked at themselves on camera, they said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m brutal. I don’t know when to shut up, I don’t know what to say, I stagger.’ That’s what the customer thinks. Marty did it in a way that didn’t make anyone feel bad. It made you want to improve, which was magic.”

Joey Dalessio

Vice President, Medeco

“I wanted thank you for the outstanding job you did at our management retreat at the Rancho Valencia resort in San Diego. Your presentation provided us with the perfect mix of Marty Jacknis education and GERS brainstorming to motivate and energize our management team. Your stressing of action, in order to obtain the most from the session, was well received by my staff and many of the “wish list” of activities have been either completed or started by our team. In addition the video taping of the group making their commitment to action is an incredible testimony to the amount of motivation and positive energy that was created during our two days. The investment made is already paying the dividends that I was counting on.” Gary C. Reif

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Company

“Thank you so much for your counsel, your coaching, your teaching, presenting and your collaborative work with our people. It makes a difference to work with consultants who are capable, energetic, positive and results-oriented.” Kris Michaelis

Manager Training and Development, General Electric Company

For a no obligation, complimentary consultation, please contact: Marty (516) 816-4464, Email: [email protected]