Inspires, educates and motivates attendees with unique, powerful, and actionable ideas and insights

Results and action-oriented keynote addresses for meetings ranging from small executive retreats to major conferences with thousands of attendees representing all types and sizes of organizations and industries. Marty customizes his speaking engagements to meet the organizer’s specific desired outcomes.

Marty Jacknis is a dynamic professional speaker, thought leader, and change agent. He inspires, educates and motivates the attendees to take immediate action on a multitude of unique, powerful, and actionable ideas and insights.

Results and action-oriented keynote addresses for meetings ranging from small executive retreats to major conferences with thousands of attendees representing all types and sizes of organizations and industries. Each attendee will leave informed and highly motivated to apply powerful tools and concepts that will improve their personal and business endeavors.

Marty offers more implementable and meaningful take-away ideas than most speakers. He highlights areas and opportunities that are traditionally overlooked, ignored, not understood, attempted and/or effectively executed. Addressing these areas and other issues will dramatically and quickly enable individuals and organizations to better seek, see, seize, and leverage their available untapped and unleveraged opportunities. Every speaking engagement is results and action-oriented and often exceeds his clients’ expectations.

He assists attendees in seeing their world, threats, opportunities, and solutions through very different and insightful lenses, filters, and perspectives. Attendees often comment “I never looked at it that way before!”

In his programs, Marty offers a very wide range of fresh perspectives and insights on how to:

  • Identify, prioritize, and seize opportunities
  • Create effective leadership teams
  • Create highly functioning, self-directed work teams
  • Build a successful, proactive, introspective, continuously learning business culture
  • Gain and sustain a competitive distinction and advantage in the marketplace

Sample speaking topics include:

  1. Initiating and Sustaining a Culture and Process of Opportunity Maximization, Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  2. How to Turn Your Entire Organization into a Lean, Mean, Business Generating Machine
  3. How to Gain and Maintain a Meaningful Competitive Advantage
  4. How to Capture and Replicate the Intuition and Thinking of Top Performers
  5. Opportunity Blindness – Causes and Cures
  6. How to Make the Best Better 

Partial list of speaking engagements

  • Inc. Magazine’s Conference on Growing Companies (5 years in a row largest audiences and highest ratings; average attendance 500 CEOs)
  • Sales and Marketing Management Magazines’ Power Selling Conference (2,000 presidents and senior executives)
  • Vistage International (presented to over 200 groups consisting of around 3,000 CEOs in the US and Canada)
  • National Farm Market Association (1,500 owner/manager attendees; keynote speaker, one day workshop and closing speaker)
  • South Carolina Governor’s Conference on Tourism


“This will in fact be the fifth consecutive year that we have invited you to be a principal speaker at our flagship “Growing the Company” conference, and I have no doubt that you will once again achieve the highest ratings and attract the largest audiences.  And of course, your articles in the magazine have always been very well received.”

William C. Taylor

President, Inc. Magazine

“Your keynote address kicked off the conference setting an excellent tone and generating just the right energy for the two day conference that followed. “We wanted to “start a revolution” at our conference and help revolutionize the way our members look at their own businesses. You nailed it.”

Charlie Touchette

Executive Director, North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association

“Marty was mesmerizing. He speaks directly and clearly. You can understand what he just said to the point that you could go repeat it. That’s probably the mark of a brilliant speaker, not just a great speaker. I felt confident walking away that I could take that material and run with it instantly. That was profound for me. Almost every single thing he said impacted me. It was one of those profound moments where you go, I met someone who actually gets it.”

Joey Dalessio

Vice President, Medeco

“His presentation, experiential exercises and content were excellent. As a matter of fact it was the first time a speaker for my Vistage group earned perfect scores of 5’s on both of the key metrics of content and delivery. He also left my group with more actionable take-a-way ideas than any other speaker. I have also had great feedback on the follow-on work he did for some of my members. Thank you for providing such resources.”

Bill LaRosa

CEO Group Chair, Vistage International

“Mark Twain said, ‘Thunder is good, Thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work.” In Marty Jacknis, we have a lightning rod. But as always the only measure worth the accounting is what the audience said.”

‘Marty was the best speaker at the tourism conference.’

‘It was excellent, this session should be made mandatory.’

‘The very best yet.’

‘Marty was excellent, I only wish the session was longer.’

‘How to build a competitive advantage the best seminar at the Governor’s conference.’

‘Your “excellent” rating was the highest received this year.’

Scott Ziegler

Group Vice President, South Carolina Governor's Conference on Tourism

For a no obligation, complimentary consultation, please contact: Marty (516) 816-4464, Email: [email protected]