“This will in fact be the fifth consecutive year that we have invited you to be a principal speaker at our flagship “Growing the Company” conference, and I have no doubt that you will once again achieve the highest ratings and attract the largest audiences.  And of course, your articles in the magazine have always been very well received.”

William C. Taylor

President, Inc. Magazine

“Your keynote address kicked off the conference setting an excellent tone and generating just the right energy for the two day conference that followed. “We wanted to “start a revolution” at our conference and help revolutionize the way our members look at their own businesses. You nailed it.”

Charlie Touchette

Executive Director, North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association

“I highly recommend Marty to any progressive Vistage chairs who want to significantly increase their members’ actionable take away ideas and their overall Vistage ROI. Marty might also be an excellent speaker for Vistage chair group meetings to offer the chairs different and creative ways of increasing their, their members’, and their speakers’ ROI.”

Trent Lee

CEO Group Chair, Fargo, ND, Vistage

“I early-booked Marty Jacknis to speak to my 3 Columbus groups this January. In hindsight, I’m delighted I did. Marty had perfect scores and 100% recommendations with my CE groups and more actionable and meaningful take-away ideas than we have received from most speakers.”

Glenn Waring

CEO Group Chair, Colombus, OH, Vistage

“Thank you so much for your counsel, your coaching, your teaching, presenting and your collaborative work with our people. It makes a difference to work with consultants who are capable, energetic, positive and results oriented.”

Kris Michaelis

Manager Training and Development, General Electric Company

“I’ve held off in writing because I wanted to put some real meat about what I had to say. As you know our mission in bringing you in was to help lift our sales force to a new level of confidence and competency. Well we could certainly see immediate change in their attitudes and confidence about themselves in Provident Mutual, the proof is always in the results achieved.

Needless to say, we were hoping for improvement in their productivity and I’m happy to say we got it in a year when most of our industry was either flat or behind the previous year. Our people had the biggest year in the history of the company, in fact they increased sales by 47% over the previous year and the really good news was that it wasn’t just from a few, in fact 80% of our sales people increased their production over the previous year and 67% of them had increases of 100% or more.

“I don’t think there is any question that your program was able to unlock abilities, which many of our people didn’t realize they had and more importantly, it showed them how to effectively use these abilities to create future success.”

Richard J. M. Simon

Assistant Vice President, Provident Mutual

“Conducting the experiential game for more than 1000 people was entertaining, exciting and very well-received. I continue to hear from members who were repeating that activity back home with family business members and staff. Your business background and your breath of understanding of our industry lent perfectly to delivering a well-rounded and in-depth full day workshop. Finally you brilliantly tied in the closing comments to the overall two-day conference experience. You nailed it!”

Charlie Touchette

Executive Director, North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association

“Thank you so much for your counsel, your coaching, your teaching, presenting and your collaborative work with our people. It makes a difference to work with consultants who are capable, energetic, positive and results-oriented.”

Kris Michaelis

Manager Training and Development, General Electric Company

“His presentation, experiential exercises and content were excellent. As a matter of fact it was the first time a speaker for my Vistage group earned perfect scores of 5’s on both of the key metrics of content and delivery. He also left my group with more actionable take-a-way ideas than any other speaker. I have also had great feedback on the follow-on work he did for some of my members. Thank you for providing such resources.”

Bill LaRosa

CEO Group Chair, Vistage International

“Mark Twain said, ‘Thunder is good, Thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work.” In Marty Jacknis, we have a lightning rod. But as always the only measure worth the accounting is what the audience said.”

‘Marty was the best speaker at the tourism conference.’

‘It was excellent, this session should be made mandatory.’

‘The very best yet.’

‘Marty was excellent, I only wish the session was longer.’

‘How to build a competitive advantage the best seminar at the Governor’s conference.’

‘Your “excellent” rating was the highest received this year.’

Scott Ziegler

Group Vice President, South Carolina Governor's Conference on Tourism

“Appearing directly before Tom Peters, you could’ve been perceived as the warm-up act, however you were considered to be one of the real highlights of the conference”

Tony Rutigliano

Editor-in-Chief / Publisher, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

“Marty was mesmerizing. He speaks directly and clearly. You can understand what he just said to the point that you could go repeat it. That’s probably the mark of a brilliant speaker, not just a great speaker. I felt confident walking away that I could take that material and run with it instantly. That was profound for me. Almost every single thing he said impacted me. It was one of those profound moments where you go, “I met someone who actually gets it.”

Joey Dalessio

Vice President, Medeco

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marty and his firm for the past year. Since he’s been working with us, we’ve enjoyed record sales as well as new focus, energy, excitement and activity from our team.”

Brett Lindquist

CEO, The Mortgage Firm

“I wanted thank you for the outstanding job you did at our management retreat at the Rancho Valencia resort in San Diego. Your presentation provided us with the perfect mix of Marty Jacknis education and GERS brainstorming to motivate and energize our management team. Your stressing of action, in order to obtain the most from the session, was well received by my staff and many of the “wish list” of activities have been either completed or started by our team. In addition the video taping of the group making their commitment to action is an incredible testimony to the amount of motivation and positive energy that was created during our two days. The investment made is already paying the dividends that I was counting on.”

Gary C. Reif

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, General Electric

“Marty taught us we could literally grow our business without capital investment, if we could just implement his tools. You can go in there with a simple tool and make a difference. In our case, as a manufacturer, we doubled, tripled, and quadrupled our sales.”

Joey Dalessio

Vice President, Medeco

“Marty brought a concept to us that, as an organization, we had never done before. He videotaped our people selling our premium product. It was the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen. Supposed professionals were miserable and they couldn’t stand it. That’s self-analysis. When they looked at themselves on camera, they said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m brutal. I don’t know when to shut up, I don’t know what to say, I stagger.’ That’s what the customer thinks. Marty did it in a way that didn’t make anyone feel bad. It made you want to improve, which was magic.”

Joey Dalessio

Vice President, Medeco

For a no obligation, complimentary consultation, please contact: Marty (516) 816-4464, Email: [email protected]